Online booking and channel manager for web sites, portals and property management systems

WuBook presents its XmlRpc connectivity solution: Wired! It is easy and very reliable. We receive hundreds of thousands of requests each day; our solid and user friendly interface deals with them easily.

channel manager and online booking for property management system, hotels and reservation online portals

WuBook Connectivity

channel manager software

Embed a channel manager into your systems, empowering them with the most modern and reliable system for the management of your Online Travel Agents.

booking engine software

Power your customers sites by publishing and managing special offers, prices and availability in real time.

property management system

Your Property Management System (PMS) online: WuBook allows you to provide online services such as the Channel Manager and Booking Engine and connect them with offline services, including phone reservations and corporate/banquet walk-ins.

Technical specifications

complete interface

Full management
Wired! Is a complete interface: online reservations can be integrated into your system and Property Values (including prices, restrictions and availability) can be updated in real time.

software documentation

Our documentation is published openly: no authentication nor access codes are required. Check it here!

test environment

Test Environment
No switching between production and test environments. You work on a test account, on our production servers. Once an account has been created (create an account), contact us to make it your stable environment.

xmlrpc standard interface

Xml Remote Procedure Call (Xml RPC standard)
The XmlRpc XML-RPC standard is fast, well supported in numerous languages, reliable and easy. Modern libraries gives you the possibility to build communication without dealing with xml strings. Do you want a python example?

reliable customer care and support

Reliability and Support
Wired! is used by so many of our partners all over the world. It's very reliable. If you have any problems, our technical support team is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7).