WuBook Partnership with agencies, developers, agents and property management systems

WuBook is a world renowned Toolkit for Hospitality with a unique and very flexible partnership model. We work with tour operators, travel agencies, Online Travel Agencies, web developers and any other individuals or businesses who would like to promote our products. WuBook is a strong and reliable brand and a preferred partner of most OTAs.

partnership with hotels, property management system, agents and developers

We believe in the network

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Be part of the team: partnerships have made WuBook ever more popular in many different countries. Our reliability, loyalty and competitive prices make us the best kind of partner. There are two enticing partnership profiles: dealership and agent.

partner corporate

Our services become yours: Directly and fully manage our services for your customers; you invoice them and use your logo on our copyrighted products. You are free to autonomously develop your marketing strategies.

partner agent

Continuous gains: Promote WuBook and we will provide a recurring fee for each enrollment. You will receive constant revenues in an increasing and lasting manner.

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Bring leading state of the art Hotel Technologies into your country

customer care and support 24/24

We are available every day: our continuous, highly reliable support allows you to work comfortably, whenever and wherever.

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Your success is our success. Sharing knowledge and tools are the keys.

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Flexibility: Providing conditions which can adapt to various situations gives our partners absolute flexibility.