Our connectivity solution

API Wired! technology available for Developers

WuBook provides a connectivity solution based on xmlrpc: Wired! Easy to use and highly reliable.
We receive hundreds of thousands calls daily on our servers! It is powerful and trustworthy


Wired! is used every day by all our software partners all over the world. You can trust on a very tested and powerful system.

Tech Support

We provide you with technical support to implement, improve and enjoy the service. We are available. 24 X 7!


Your success is our success. We share with you our know-how and our tools to make an effective job

Partners using WuBook services: 651

Technical requirement


Wired! is a complete interface to update the inventory of your customers (prices, restrictions, availability) and fetch online reservations to integrate and manage directly in your own system.

Test environment

Development is easy and you will not need to continuosly switch between production and test environment. Just register a real account for free: we will make it a steady environment to perform tests and experiments.

Xmlrpc standard

XML-RPC standard is fast and easy, enriched by tons of libraries for many different languages. By using a good library, you do not even need to visualize the XML. Do you want a Python example?



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