Agoda: new connectivity version (important)


Agoda has recently published a new version of its IT system. As channel manager, we must update our driver. This will happen on Monday 28/04. The new version is not back-compatible. So, the connectivity to Agoda will be suspended and a manual intervention will be necessary to restore it.

The new system is more flexible. It allows 3 models: Full Rate, Person, Adults and Children. WooDoo will support all models.

Who’s already connecting Agoda, is using the Full Rate model. To know more, you can directly contact Agoda.

On Monday 28/04 we will publish the new version of our driver. Your channel will be suspended and to restore the connectivity you will have to reconfigure it, as always. Don’t do it now. The operation must be done not before 28/04 and we will send an email to notify the suspension of the connectivity.

Once suspended, it must be restored reconfiguring the channel, as always (one needs to enter the WooDoo/Agoda section, test settings, initialize the channel and mapping rooms and rates).

Let us know if you have doubts or if you need help.

Thank you for your collaboration.

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