Zak PMS: CashFlow


Hi everybody. I am very happy to announce an important news regarding our beloved Zak PMS (Property management System). Hopefully this new section will answer to some requests of yours and start to clarify the way we are working and the way we want to continue growing. So, in short, here you have the section […]

MultiUser Layer is online

Group & User Management

Hi there. As announced few days ago, we have now published the MultiUser Layer to be able to control all the accesses and users of our beloved Zak PMS. To be as much operational as possible I will figure out few scenario (basically two possible scenarios). The first scenario is for those of you that […]

Hotel Booking Engine: Good News..


Good News on the version of our booking engine. Some of you already noticed the changes overall those of past months on our reservation system: the layout  restyling and other correction of functionalities like Bids and special offers. In short, we are improving constantly and the aim is always the same: increasing the conversion percentage […]

Updating our Booking Engine tool


As announced before, we are updating and upgrading our Booking Engine step by step, continuosly. The WuBook Online Reception has been restyled during last months and now is ready to make a further step towards better usabilities and better experiences. Let’s see check them on details: So, from inside the control panel of WuBook (WuBook […]