News about HRS

Dear Wubookers,

after several mediation endeavours (a special thanks to Valentin and Angelo) we reached a first goal.
There’s the mutual willingness to discuss all the topics and solve it.

Due the last agreements with HRS staff, I can officially announce that tomorrow, HRS channel will be again completely operative, at least until 01/01/2015.

No disconnections or service suspensions will take place and every client will be able to activate the connection with HRS.

Considering we don’t have a complete warranty of a long term solution, the channel will be free of charge and we’ll communicate a definitive and clear information about HRS partnership by november 20th.

We’ll meet the HRS management in the next days (october 15th) and we’ll discuss personally every side of this unpleased event.

Hope to give you soon good news.

Thank you for your attention.