New version for Discount Codes


I’m happy to announce a renewed system for discounts. First of all, they’re now very simple. Instead to have 3 types of discount (customer dicount, iata discount and corporate discount), we have now a unique model. Moreover, we have implemented some features that our users have required and we’re happy to satisfy your needs.


New features:

  • Ranges of dates: you can now limit each discount code to some periods.
  • Customer data: if you specify customer info, reservations will be faster because customer fields will be automatically filled
  • Use Once becomes Max Usage: a discount code can have a “Maximum usage” attribute. When used N times, it becomes unactive. This is an improved feature. Before, there was the chance to define a “use once” discount code, which is now equivalent to define a discount code with Maximum Usage = 1
  • Cancellation policy: it is possible to associate a different cancellation policy to each discount code
  • Counter: each time an online reservation is received with a discount code, we track it. We then disply how many times a discount code has been used

Thank you so much for your feedbacks and your advices.


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