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Dear WuBookers,

We feel like developing a WuBook App for mobile devices: handheld Smartphones and Tablets. This time this App is entirely design thinking on you and your needs.  It is all about giving you a control panel –  user friendly and easy to use – from which you will be able to work and manage all most frequent functions.



This article is written in the hope of receiving your thoughts and comments before starting with the development. At the end it will be for you and no one better to point us in the right direction. On the Italian forum we have had received a good number of ideas and comments and we are discussing some very interesting functions to add on.  Some are asking to include a close sales button to use for example when they receive a new reservation on the phone and for whatever reason not been able to update it into the system via pc. Do you think this could be a good feature too?

We will be starting this project´s 1st phase in the coming days/weeks. Please do feel free to let us know how would you like this new WuBook App to be

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