Zak: authomatic rooms assigment & co.

Good Morning WuBookers!

Zak is growing up and also its tools and functions are growing up and getting better day after day. To be honest, the list of new features you have requested through the forum or during our phone trainings, looks now more like one of those lists of things your mother wrote you down to go out and buy, rather than a roadmap for a software to develop!  🙂

We always listen to your suggestions and advices but in the meanwhile we must keep the focus on what we must do for the mayority of our customers and try to draw a software with a logical roadmap. In this sense we aim to offer new features to ensure a better workflow and an attractive (and intuitive) interface.

In this last release we include an important Plugin for the spanish customers, such as the Viajeros Plugin. It will be easy now to send your customers file to the Police portal with an authomatical upload. You can fill the customer details directly in the reservation detail form and create a daily file to upload to the Police portal. The price, as always, will be 48 euros, as an activation cost!

Other important feature we are releasing are:

  • default colour for new manual reservation inserted from Zak interface (you can choose the default colour in settings page)
  • on “internet” settings it will be possible to establish a limit for the online availability you want to send to WuBook for each room type, in order to decide the number of each type you want to sell in your booking engine and your OTAs
  • the pending reservations, during the allocation process (or room assignement), will show the “quality” of your empty rooms, to let you optimize the planning occupancy distribution. The number of stars of each room proposed for the assignement will tell you the compatibility to the pending reservation depending on occupancy on the planning
  • on the dashboard you can see pending reservations and from now on, you’ll have a botton that could assign automatically all reservations shown. By clicking on it, Zak will assign the Best room available (only for confirmed reservation shown on the dashboard).
  • on internet section, you could choose if you want an authomatical assignement of room for all your pending reservations coming from WuBook (booking engine or channel manager) and for such reservations you also could assign a special colour as default.

I want to say as well:

1) reservation under approval won’t be assigned at all, even if authomatic assignement is on. This will only happen in case they would be confirmed.

2) If you create a pending reservation in Zak, manually, this won’t be assigned authomatically (otherwise pending reservations wouldn’t exist anymore…)

I am sure you will improve your work with these new features.

Enjoy Zak!

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