How do I manage cancellation policies?

The cancellation policy is a text that gets published in the online reception (booking engine) and are visible both in the reservation process as well as in the confirmation document the user receives once received his booking (confirmation voucher). This text establishes the consecuences of a non show or of a late cancellation of the booking. The property decides to show on the cancelation policy the penalty applied to the guest in these events and whether the property would charge the credit card given as a guarantee.

The policy master is the generic cancellation policy that always applies by default on the online offer for direct reservations through WuBook┬┤s booking engine. The cancellation policy is not sent to the OTAs through the channel manager as it only affects direct sells. WuBook gives you a selection of templates that can be selected on the Penalty Type section. It is also possible to manually personalize the cancellation policy that will appear on your booking engine, on the field clauses. The link Update Descriptions allows you edit the text of these clauses, and the field Show Option allows you decide whether you want to show on the booking engine the cancellation rule template, the updated cancellation policy (personalized) or both.

Manage WuBook cancellation policies

Add different cancellation policies

On reservations from WuBook there must be only one very clear and evident cancellation policy for all rooms. If we were to have 2 rooms on the same reservation, with 2 different cancellation policies would be difficult for the user to understand which one applies. In any case, in WuBook is possible to create different cancellation policies from the policy master. These policies can be applies differently, as follows:

Policies Calendar: The reservations made on the selected periods will be affected by the associated cancellation policies instead of by the policy master. In this way, for example, assigning a more restrictive cancellation policy (non refundable) throughout the high season period.