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How to Configure WuBook, in a Few Simple Steps


The extranet configuration (control panel) of WuBook can be used to:

1. Direct selling on the website of the rooms owned by the hotel, hostel, or accommodation facilities in general. This is possible through a widget or button to be installed in the webpages that opens a reservation process called Online Reception. Through the Online Reception the user visiting the Web Site can check at any time availability, assess special offers and complete the direct booking of a room.

2. Inventory distribution on the various booking portals through the channel manager. The inventory introduced in WuBook can be distributed into the many OTAs of the market, centralizing the management process by the use of WuBook extranet. The channel manager will continuously update the values ​​of availability, prices and restrictions, not only on the hotel booking engine, but also in the connected OTAs and is able to automatically download and integrate bookings from all Online sales channels. Therefore, room availability is always updated and refreshed on all booking portals and also on the website owned by the Hotel.

3. Inventory distribution in metasearch engines. WuBook provides the technology fount that allows to publish prices and availability of the Booking Engine also on the websites that are responsible for comparing hotels and offer comments of guests such as TripAdvisor.

Create a new room

On internet sales, room means a room type, that is, a category or a group of rooms, which share the same price and the same restrictions. In the case that two rooms have, even if it is only at certain times of the year, different prices or restrictions between them, they should be considered as two different categories. Room availability is the value that indicates the number of rooms of the same type that are for sale.

Here follow the parameters needed to insert a new room.

You can access this section directly by clicking on the following link: Facility-Rooms

Prices, Restrictions & Availability

To manage prices, availability and restrictions there are 2 fundamental tools: Tabla and Sytar

Both tools can modify the values ​​of:

You can access this section directly by clicking on the following link: Facility-Plans

Credit Card Handling Password and Reservation Model

Credit Card handling: in it you decide to insert and confirm a password to be able to access the details of credit cards provided by customers as guarantee of reservations. In the details page of the booking it will be possible to check the credit card used by the customer at the time of the confirmation, only if the password is known. If the password is lost or forgotten, it is possible to configure a new one, although all the credit card details saved to the date will no longer be available and will be deleted. If the password for credit card handling is not set when the channel manager is active, it will be impossible to read credit card details for reservation coming through OTAs.

You can access this section directly by clicking on the following link: Administration-Credit Card handling

Reservation Model

With reservation model we mean the way in which the user can guarantee reservations and bookings inserting it into the booking engine of WuBook. The system, in fact, can offer different models of reservation:

At the beginning the only model available is the deferred. You need to set Credit Card handling in order to change the reservation model into Real Time and Free.

You can access this section directly by clicking on the following link: Facility-Facilities-Reservation Model

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is a line of text that is published in the Booking Engine during the reservation process and in the confirmation voucher sent by email to the guest. This text sets out the consequences of any No Show and possible cancellations made without proper notice. The hotel can thus state in the cancellation policy the penalty that should be applied in these cases.

The master policy is the generic cancellation rule used by default for direct bookings through WuBook. Cancellation policy is not sent to various OTA with channel manager but affects only direct selling.

WuBook offers some rules which are pre-written phrases and also allows you to insert and use a fully customized text called clause. The configuration involves selecting and configuring the following parameters:

You can access this section directly by clicking on the following link: Facility-Policies

Online Booking Engine Process

The Online Reception WuBook is the WuBook booking system. It is the sequence of web pages that a guest has to go through to create and insert a new direct booking in the WuBook system. This will be accessible from the hotel website, but there is a simulator within the control panel (extranet) of WuBook (by clicking on the “gray balloon” section placed on the right, just under Fast Links).

The creation of rooms, virtual rooms, prices and restrictions, cancellation policy, etc., has effects on the Online Reception (booking engine). After setting all the data for these parameters it is possible to check that everything is correct through the simulator, directly from WuBook's control panel itself.

The online reception allows to create and insert a new reservation (proof) by following these steps:

Widget Installation on the website

With widget Reservation we mean the small form (button) installed in the Hotel Web Site. Usually this form requires guests who wants to check availability and prices, to introduce date of arrival and number of nights of stay. Usually, the webmaster who developed the web, is in charge of installing the widget. You may send the webmaster all the useful information to install the widget just by sending a simple link, without any sensible data or personal information.

In Facility/WebSite section it is possible to access technical documentation that redirects you to another section: WuBook Booking Engine in your website On this page you will find a link (with all the relevant information) to send an email to the webmaster so that he is able to install the booking form. You will not need to provide the WuBook credentials (username and password) for the installation.

There are many options for customization. You can use the standard widget, a simple link or a simple button. You can create a completely customized HTML form. The webmaster receives all the information available in that link.

You can access this section directly by clicking on the following link: Facility-Site

Adding an OTA to the Channel Manager

The activation of the channel manager requires different stages. First of all, you need to have an active profile on the OTA you want to connect. You can get for free the first 2 months of service of WooDoo channel manager for each available channel. Once the channel is added, it is inserted in your channels list “My Channels”. Clicking on the channel you can enter the channel configuration page. Usually, this page explains how to start connectivity and all the steps to follow. Each OTA requires a different procedure for the activation request in the XML interface and, in the end, for channel activation. Some of them requires filling out a document, others a request email. WuBook aids in the connectivity by providing visible indications on the control panel in the settings of each WooDoo channel.

For a complete listing: procedures connectivity channels

You can access this section directly by clicking on the following link: Administration-WooDoo

Get Support

WuBook assists its customers in several ways:

You can access this section directly by clicking on the following link: Support