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Improve Direct bookings from your website

With direct reservations is meant reservations that come in through WuBook┬┤s booking engine on the property┬┤s website. It is possible to improve the efficiency of the web site itself by analizing and considering the following arguments:

Factors unrelated to WuBook

  1. The effectiveness and quality of the services offered by the establishment
  2. Visibility, quality and usability of the website in which the booking widget has been implemented
  3. Presence on online reservation portals which generates more visibility of the website
  4. Online Reputation: good or bad comments and feedbacks by guests published on dedicated portals
  5. Type of clients (if they are used or not to booking on internet)
  6. Level of computer and technical skills

Factors that depend on the configuration of WuBook

  1. Organization of the type of rooms. Is of good practice to create room typologies so that all possible requests of occupancy are covered: single, double, triple, family. On the other hand, a configuration with many room types can get the effect of confusing the user and jeopardize the convertion for lack of simplicity. Is because of this that many OTAs have limits on the types of rooms you can create.
  2. Careful. Insert the correct names and descriptions in different languages in a clear and simple way without mistakes. Upload atractive pictures.
  3. The use of special offers, packages and discount codes. These are tools that help convertion on your website. It would be a mistake to offer discounts on the OTA (for example a Non Refundable rate) without offering the same on your booking engine as well. It is very important that the special offers are actively promoted on your website. Here is an example on our Web Demo.
  4. The activation of Bids. Let your clients interact with you and propose a different price for their stay is an excellent opportunity to be more competitive without breaching the parity rate contract set by the portals.
  5. Prices in line with the local market. OTAs themselves are a very good tool to compare if the prices you offer are competitive or not in regards to your competitors set. WuBook also provides a new tool called WuBook Rate Checker, developed for this type of market research.