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How to manage prices, availability and restrictions

The parameters about prices, availability and restrictions of each day, for each room type that you can manage through WuBook are:

WuBook has a tool called “Table” to daily managed all details previously explained. The top left box is the selling price, the top right box shows the availability; the middle boxes from left to right show the Minimum Stay, Minimum Stay on Arrival and Maximum Stay. The green box represents the selling status Open for Sales; when clicking on it will turn black meaning is Closed for Sales; and another click will turn it red meaning which means No Check IN allowed. The small box next to it, if thicked, represents No Check Out. The bold number is the amount of reservations received for that type of room on that date.

Difference between Minimum Stay and Minimum Stay on Arrival

For example, setting up a 7 nights minimum stay on the 24/12, the period of stay must be of 7 or more nights. If, instead, we set up a 7 nights minimum stay on arrival on the 24/12 , it will be possible to make a reservation of 3 nights with check in date 23/12 and check out date 26/12 because in this case the arrival date does not match the date when we have configured the restriction. In the minimum stay on arrival , the restriction is applied only if the check in date matches the date when the restriction is configurated.

Manage values on Tabla

Table is the daily editor that allows you to manage Prices, Restrictions and Availability in both your booking engine and in the channel manager. This is a table or calendar with horizontal lines set up showing your type of rooms (including virtual rooms) and columns with the dates. A navigation bar to move easily and trouble free between dates we want to see and/or make modifications on, to be able to manage everything from one single screen. With Table is possible to manage as well each of our Prices Plans and each of our Restrictions Plans by selecting the option that interests us from the drop down menu. (Prices, Restrictions).

Manage Values on SYTAR

Sytar is the bulk editor that allows you to manage Prices, Restrictions and Availability in big scale. For long periods of time. Steps:

  1. Insert the date range in which to modify
  2. Choose the type of room/rooms we want to modify
  3. Select the parametre you want to modify (Prices, Restrictions, Availability)
  4. Select the plan (prices plan or restrictions plan) we want to modify
  5. Check the box “values to update
  6. Click on apply

Manage prices with a Price Plan

WuBook allows you to generate price plans capable of defining a different price for each date and for each room. Is possible to manage standard prices using an alternative price plan to the wubook parity plan simply by selecting it from the box: ”use the following plan for your booking engine (WuBook Parity)

WuBook Parity

With WuBook Parity we mean the Standard Price Plan created from the default values entered on the rooms´ creation process, that is used for direct sales through WuBook´s booking engine. To the WuBook Parity plan (default price plan on system) corresponds a restrictions plan called “WuBook Restrcitions”. Both are the default plans in the booking engine.