To start the channel manager

To start using the channel manager WooDoo you need to, first of all, check these few things:

Once all these few things are checked and on, it is possible to start the connectivity to the channel manager. THe activation process is made by few steps:

  1. Request for the service: you can request and have for free the first 60 days of use for each of the OTA the channel manager WooDoo connected directly and independently from here: Administration - WooDoo.
  2. Beginning of the process: once you request and add the channel, you will see it then on the channel manager section: WooDoo. By entering to details of the channel (just make a click on the name of the OTA) you will be able to go on with the process of connectivity itself. This step consist on sending the request of authorization of connectivity to the portal (OTA) which can take a few hours/days to send the final confirmation (it depends on each portal).
  3. Configuration of the channel: once the channel is ready to be configured you will be able to map rooms and rates. The channel manager will download the list of rooms created on the OTA extranet and the task is simple: just map (associate) to each room type of the OTA, the related room type of WuBook. Again, for each rate created on the OTA you will have to associate a WuBook Rate Plan and a WuBook Restriction Plan.

During the configuration process you have to map WuBook rooms to OTAs room types. Finally, to start the connectivity all downloaded rooms of the OTA have to be connected to at least one different room of WuBook extranet. If an OTA room type is not associated to any WuBook room, the connectivity will not start to update. On the contrary, it is not necessary to associate all WuBook rooms to an OTA room and keep it only for the direct sale through the Online Reception.

It will be also necessary to connect at least one OTA rate to a Rate Plan and a Restriction Plan on WuBook to start the connectivity. Anyway, you do not have to connect all of them. Not connected and associated rates will not be updated by the channel manager through XML. The same rate plan could be mapped to more than one rate of the portal. Same thing for the restriction plan. With WuBook parity we mean the default rate plan of WuBook; that rate plan created with default values used for the direct sale (Online Reception). Also, standard restrictions or WuBook Restrictions are the standard and default restrictions used by the Online Booking Engine for direct sale.