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Bids (make an offer!)

Bids, is a tool that allows customers to propose a price they consider fair to pay for their stay. The reservation that is created in this case is not confirmed until the property decides whether to accept or decline the clients´offer. The reservation is received as unconfirmed and not guaranteed with credit card and therefor awaiting the property´s confirmation.

Managing WuBook Bids

It is possible to disable this tool or enable it just for some periods of time. In any case we suggest the use of bids as a tool that allows direct contact with potential clients, giving an advantage to your direct sales rather than OTAs sales. Is possible too to configure automatic rejections on bids and/or automatic counter proposals.

Auto Refuse

To avoid receiving bids with very low offers, WuBook allows you to configure automatic rejections to these bids. On the bids configuration panel, you can define a maximum limit on accepted discount in percentual. If the client bids too low in regards to this limit, the reservation will come in anyway but will be automaticaly rejected by the sistem after a few minutes. In this case the reservation will automatically change its status to rejected.

Counter Proposal

In the Bids is possible to define a second offer or counter proposal by configuring the maximum discount you are willing to offer. In case that the first bid from the client gets automatically rejected by the sistem, in the same email that notify the rejection, appears a link that allows clients to insert a new reservation with the discount proposed and previously configured by the property in the counter proposals panel in WuBook.

While a client is making a reservation on the booking engine, will be able to decide whether he´d like to make a bid proposal for a new price.

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