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Usually the standard sell rate on internet is on Bed and Breakfast basis. However, with WuBook you can diversify your boards to meet all clients needs and you could add the following board options: Half Board, Full Board, Room Only (No Board). When you create each room or virtual room in WuBook , is possible to add its standard (default) board. Is also possible to add or remove at any time aditional boards to optimize sales of each typology.

In this example the user can choose the board he would like to make the reservation under and this choice will then be reflected on the confirmation voucher.

Boards Prices

You can configure that the price of each board gets calculated by a fix ammount or percentage increase of the standard rate. For example, if the double room was set on bed and breakfast board by default at 80€; and the Half Board rate set 15% more on default price, you would be selling the Half Board option for double room at 92€.

In this example the room is offered in All Inclusive and Breakfast options. The price is a 33% increase on the standard price for All Inclusive; a 5€ for the Breakfat on the Room Only option.

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