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 +==== Currency on the Booking Engine ====
 +{{ :​avatar.png?​300|}}The Online Booking Engine of WuBook has a default currency for publishing values of price in Euro. All the new accounts have this currency by default when you create them on WuBook Website. Anyway, at the moment of creating a new account, you can choose a different one autonomously. If your country use a currency not listed, just request us for it. 
 +The currency selected for the account in WuBook, is strongly related to the currency published on the Online Booking Engine and to change it, you need to modify your Avatar inside WuBook extranet. ​
 +It is very easy indeed, and from the main control panel of WuBook you just have to go to the account details by clicking on the right top over the accoutn number (entering the WuBook Factory). ​
 +Frm the factory, just click on Avatar and update fields in "your Information"​ by adding the right currency. The direct link to this section is: [[https://​​wauth/​wauth/​avatar|Avatar-your Information]]
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These docs are no longer maintained and information within is not up to date :(

...but don't worry :), we have a new docs here: