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 +====== Feedbacks ======
 +WuBook allows you to send a quality survey petition to your clients through [[https://​​acts/​clogin/​feedbacks/​settings/​|feedbacks]]. On the check out date, an automatic email is sent to the guest asking him to complete a questionnaire relative to the quality on their stay and services received.
 +You can collect comments to see how clients react to the services you offer. If these are positive you can published them on your booking engine widget or directly on a dedicated tab on your website as a proof of quality that will add on confidence to future potential clients.
 +==== Cancel feedbacks ====
 +If for any reason you have received a negative comment from a client that gives bad reputation to your property online WuBook gives you the ability to **delete one comment every 6 you receive**.
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These docs are no longer maintained and information within is not up to date :(

...but don't worry :), we have a new docs here: