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Google Hotel Prices Ads (GHPA)

It is possible to start up a selling campaign of Google services:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Hotel Finder
  • Google Plus
  • Google Local Universal

The campaign consists on the posibility, from the user who visits these services, of openning the on line reception WuBook directly from the Google services. To do this configuration is not required and neither is required to sign up in Google, as you can do it directly from your WuBook account.

Google charges WuBook a fee for each click that launches the online reception. For this reason WuBook requires a positive balance of coins to activate the service.

You can differentiate the cost per click to vary according to the Google service you choose to appear on as well as depending on the country in which you want to increase the promotion. The visibility with which each structures appears in the service depends on the cost that is assigned to the click.

The time required for activation and to appear in Google media is of about 3 weeks: this is because Google updates the inventory of the structures enabled every 10 days and also because the connectivity also has a technical insertion frame to consider.


You must assign a cost per click, to do it Google requires a base cost Bid Rate that can be a fix figure in Euro or a percentage increase on “best price” sent from WuBook. (It is not the cost of the reservation but the price shown before opening the online reception in Google services). You must also assign multipliers to Google services and the different countries.

Base Cost

The cost per click that opens the online reception from a Google service will be the base cost multiplied by the coefficient assigned to the Google service, multiplied by the coeficient assigned to the country of the user. The maximum daily spending stops the service for the day when the accumulated cost for the various clicks exceeds the established limit. The final price per click, taking into account the following multiplication, it will still be at least one euro.

Multiplier for Service

In the example the hotelier prefers not to appear in Google Local Universal, keeping the same cost per click from Google Maps and double the cost per click in Google + and Google Hotel Finder. This allows you to have greater visibility in these last twon Google Services.

Multiplier by Country

With the choice of the multiplier per country concludes the configuration. In the example, the hotelier wants to appear in Google for Italian, Russian and German users. And is willing to double the cost per click on the Italian market to have more visibility in this country.

Every 24 hours Google sends WuBook the expenses report per clicks received, at that time WuBook adds 4% commission on top of Google´s cost and charges the hotelier on his coins balance. The report also shows cases when the structure was visible but was not clicked on, in which cases the cost would be 0.

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