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Holiday Packages

A package is a way of promoting your rooms with the added value of an extra service like sightseeing tours, activities at a competitive price. The property can set up the validity period, the room (or group of rooms), add a description and attached extras associated to this holiday package (example: horse back riding, city tour, tickets to local events, etc) and set up a sell price independent of the standard pricing.

Besides been an excellent promoting tool, packages offer the benefit of booking all these extra services quicker and with less clicks than a normal reservation. There are two types of packages: flexible and rigid. facility-extra-holiday packages section.

Rigid Package

When creating a rigid package in WuBook, you must define exactly the validity period and the room type the offer is available for. Finally give a price for the whole package. An all inclusive. The user making the reservation, when selecting the package, will access directly to the confirmation page, skipping the select dates and select room pages. The reservation process is agile and really quick.

Flexible Package

When creating a flexible package in WuBook, you must define the price and the room types it will apply for, the validity period and a minimum stay. The user making the reservation, will be able to choose the package and, in this case would need to enter an arrival date and number of nights that would need to match the property´s configuration.

Example of a Rigid Package

A rigid package is very useful to offer precise periods, usually bankholidays or special events. For example The Valentine´s Day Package could include a suite for two from the 13th to the 14th of February. Another example could be the Christmas Week Package to include a family room in full board basis for the week of the 20th to the 27th December with an added city tour on the 6 nights / 4 people. Or for any other special event in the city these packages could be decisive.

How to publish the list of packages on the property´s website

Is possible to create a dedicated tab within the website and list all your available packages and offers within. For this you could install a reservation widget (or booking botton) in this tab where clients can select and eventually reserve the package. The code for the widget can be created easily on WuBook´s extranet and can be install with a simple copy and paste. Rivendell is a Demos web site of a virtual WuBook hotel that shows all these options of our tools: Rivendell

It would be very easy for the client to book these packages, which is another valid argument when suggesting to reserve directly on your site rather than through an OTA as well as for the convinience and exclusivity of such offers. Showing the packages widget could significantly improve the ratio of direct reservations on your website.

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