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 +====== How to notify differencies between WuBook and OTAs datas? ======
 +In case you are experiencing differencies or misalignement on calendar values between the extranet of WuBook and the extranet of one connected **OTA** the right things to do are:  ​
 +  * to control that WooDoo channel manager is still on and active for that OTA (gears running!)
 +  * launch a manual update to that channel  ​
 +  * get sure to be comparing values between WooDoo extranet and the **Extranet** of the portal (no way to be comparing public profiles of OTAs)
 +  * to check updates in **WooDoo/​Updates** and eventually re-start the conectivity fo the channel itself (re-mapping all the rooms and rates again)
 +Many times these operations solve any eventual issue of misalignment between the OTAs extranet and the channel manager. Anyway, if none of the previous actions will solve the problem, you should contat to WuBook support providing: ​
 +  * **credentials** of the OTA extranet (very often just user and password)
 +  * **date** in which values of prices, restriction or availability are not coherent ​
 +  * **type** of room with which you are experiencing the error
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