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 +====== Original missing ====== 
 +{{ :​flashicon.png|}}Once the connection to an OTA has been activated on the [[usage-woodoo|channel manager WooDoo]], future reservations already received (before the connection started) are stored in the portal DataBase and are not downloadable to WuBook system. So, generally OTAs do not allow WuBook to fetch old reservations,​ even when this reservations have a a checking date in the future. These bookings could receive a modification or a cancellation before the check-in date and meantime the channel manager is connected. \\ 
 +{{:​originamissing.png |}}In this case the channel manager can import and fetch the modification or cancellation but, as it has not the "​original reservation"​ in its Database it is not able to associate the right active reservation...cause it does not exist in our system. For this reason, cancellations or modifications of reservations which "​original"​ is not on WuBook DataBase are considered **original Missing**. So, in case of receiving an "​original missing"​ the channel manager does not act with the usual automatisms so that availability is not recalculated automatically. All operations become manual. 
 +By the way, once you receive an orginal missing it is very important to search the reservation inside your OTA extranet and react consequently over the calue of availability. You can do it by using [[managemanet-prices-availability-restrictions|Tabla]]. In case we are reacting for a cancellation of reservations "​original missing"​ we are probably interested in increase again the value of rooms available to sell on Tabla 
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These docs are no longer maintained and information within is not up to date :(

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