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How could I request an inmediate payment?

In WuBook you can configure a payment gateway to request payment from the client. This payment is online and immediate at the moment of making the reservation, for the total amount or for a percentage of the total. In case the payment through the gateway is not completed, the reservation is received anyway into the system, but with the status waiting confirmation. If the pyament goes through succesfully. the reservation is received with a confirm status.


Once the personal PayPal Mail ID details are configured in the PayPal section, it is possible to set up PayPal as a valid payment gateway. It will be possible to even set up the percentage of the total of the reservations the system needs to ask clients for as a deposit in order to confirm the reservation.

Once configured a payment gateway, WuBook allows you to use it as follows:

  1. As your standard model to guarantee reservations: as WuBook reservation model it will be possible to select Payment. With this model, all direct bookings will need to pay an immediate deposit through the payment gateway. Careful!: this sales model is not competitive agains OTA´s that do not require pre payments and may drastically reduce the convertion ratio of your online booking engine.
  2. As guarantee of certain special offers: on WuBook special offers, in the economic definition of each offer is possible to select a percentage value to charge as deposit.

Generic Gateway

You can configure a generic payment gateway, or better still, any kind of payment gateway. Needs only to develop the compatibility with our system for which tech knowledge is required. This is the documentation needed: Generic Payment Gateway

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