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Rate Checker

To determine the selling price we should offer our rooms at on the internet, it may be interesting to study the pricing policies that some other facilities within our territory use on theWeb. The Rate Checker is a tool that monitors, records, displays and compares the prices and availability of our chosen competitive set on the internet.
There is a dedicated site on Rate Checker full of information.

Entering competitors

The configuration of the rate checker consists on the insertion of the list of competitors that you want to analyze and the frequency in which the readings need to be carried out. Need only enter the name of the property and the city of the competitor you want to analyze. Rate Checker will search for the structure in the Internet. If the structure is listed in the main online sales channels, you can analyze it.


A snapshot is a reading of the internet prices of a competitor. The snapshot has a length, which is the number (in days) of the time frame analyzed. You can also indicate the frequency (in days) of the readings or the snapshots generation. The system automatically makes readings (snapshot) following the indicated frequency so as to keep the data updated.

I'd like to try it

You can use the rate checker on free trial. For each competitor you can take readings and analysis for 15 days from the insertion date of a competitor. After that the price varies according to the use: number of competitors to analyze, length of the snapshots, frequency of the snapshots.


After completing all the readings, the rate checker allows you to view and analyze data (availability and price of the competitor). These data is shown in a table or in graphic form.

Here are two examples of how the rate checker allows you to view the data in order to make comparative analyzes.

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