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Rate Plans

A rate plan is a set up prices plan that defines the price for each type of room and for all days from today on. Each price plan is fed with the default prices inserted at the time when the plan is created, however, these can always be modified as prefered. WuBook provides a standard price plan including the default prices inserted with the creation of the rooms though is possible to create as many other price plans as liked to be used for:

  1. manage the standard prices of WuBook: you can make the standard prices of WuBook (Wubook Parity) dependent of another rate plan. This is useful if you do not have several rate plans throughout the year (for example having only 2 seasons: high and low)
  2. Set up a discount: Is possible to connect a rate plan to a discount code or to a special offer to offer discounted prices to your special clients.
  3. Manage rates on external portals: Using the channel manager you could manage different rates on each portal. In the WooDoo channel settings you can link a different rate plan to each rate on your portals.

The rate plans can be modified from the plans control panel facility-plans-rate plans .

If you find that managing your prices with a rate plan is easier and comfortable, these can sustitute the use of Table and Sytar.

Intensive rate plans

An intensive rate plan allows you to update prices for a set period and you can create as many of these set periods as you need, all under the same rate plan. To each plan you can assign different daily and room prices. Total flexibility even though it has been developed for rate plans that do not forsee many daily updates. The Tabla and Sytar tools cannot be use to modify these plans.

Daily rate plans

On a daily rate plan you can daily update prices of each of your rooms and you can do these using Tabla and Sytar tools.

Virtual rate plans

A virtual rate plan depends on other rate plan and all its figures are derived by rules, can be percentual or a fix amount. For example, a -20% plan from the standard WuBook Parity rate. On these rate plans you do not need to manage all figures manually as it is the system that calculates them automatically. These plans are very useful to manage rates automatically on both external portals and booking engine too.

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