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Re-Mapping and Re-Start connectivities to OTAs

Each time you (or your account manager) make a change on the configuration of the extranet of the OTA, adding or removing rooms or rates, you need to re-start and re-configure the channel manager WooDoo setting for that OTA. By doing this operation you will be able to download the updated list of rooms and rates same as it is on the OTA extranet. Then, you will have to map and associate again rooms and rates as you did at the moment of the first configuration. Remember to check also preferences setting for each OTA.

Inside each woodoo/OTA configuration page, you just have to click on Test Parameters (or Configure) and after that click again in Continue to update the list (mapping) of rooms and rates. THe channel will start again to send updates to the OTA when all rooms and rates will be correctly associated and gears will be running again.

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These docs are no longer maintained and information within is not up to date :(

...but don't worry :), we have a new docs here: