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 +====== Which reservation models does WuBook offer? ======
 +With **reservation model** we mean the way a user can confirm and guarantee a reservation made on the internet. ​ WuBook allows you [[https://​​acts/​clogin/​lodging/​lodging/​settings/​|to choose]] among the following 4 models:
 +  - **Real Time Model**: a credit card is required as a guarantee of the reservation that is confirmed straight away. The user and the property are both notify of this reservation with an email.
 +  - **Differed Model**: a credit card is not required to guarantee the reservation. The reservation however, is not guaranteed and not confirmed and awaits confirmation from the property. In details of the reservation,​ the hotelier may accept or decline the booking. The user who has made the reservation knows it is not confirmed and that the hotelier is free to accept or decline. The hotelier may ask for a full bank transfer before accepting the reservation.
 +  - **Free Model**: Includes both models above. In the confirmation phase the user can select whether to insert credit card details to have a confirm reservation or wait on a reply from the property.
 +  - **Immediate Payment model**: requires the configuration in WuBook of a payment gateway such as PayPal. On the confirmation phase user will be prompt to make a payment to confirm the reservation.
 +{{:​reservationmodel.png?​550 |}}//The Free Model allows users to choose between giving a credit card as a guarantee to have a confirm booking or not give a credit card and have to wait for a confirmation or cancellation from the property. This model is great for markets in which users do not trust the internet as a safe place to make transactions. Mainly in regards to leaving their credit card details as a method of payment.//
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