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Restrictions Plans

Very often portals allow you to list on their extranet rooms with different conditions and prices. Normally, for each rate there can be an alternative restrictions plan (different or not from the standard rate restrictions). For example, it may be that the Non Refundable rate requires a minimum stay restriction different to the standard rate or that the Long Stay rate requires a minimum stay restriction of more than 5 nights. Basically these are used to condition the offer and availability of certain rates.

The restrictions are set up limits on the stays available for reservations and generally are as follows:

  1. Minimum Stay: The stay must be of more than X number of nights
  2. Minimum Stay on Arrival: The stay with arrival on this N date must be of more than X number of nights
  3. Maximum Stay: The stay must be of no more than X number of nights
  4. Close: close sales
  5. No check-in: Does not allow reservation with check in this day
  6. No check-out: Does not allow reservations with a check out on this day

The channel manager WooDoo updates these restrictions as well as prices and availability into each portal.

Each restrictions plan is set up per day and room. Once created and configured just needs to be associated to the chosen rate in each channel. This is done from the settings page of each channel, same page where you associate rates and price plans, for each room in a portal there´s a room in WuBook.

For each rate in the portal we can only associate one restrcitions plan and one rates plan. So while the rates plan establishes the selling prices on the portal, the restrictions established many of the selling conditions: close, minimum stay, etc. The cancellation policy or payment conditions in each portal are updated and modify directly on the portal.

Daily restrictions plan

This is a flexible restrictions plan that can be modify daily on each room type. To mange the values of these plans we must use the tools Tabla and Sytar that allow us to modify WuBook´s standard plans (standard restrictions or Wubook restrictions), as well as all other plans created.

Compact restrictions plan

This is a non flexible restrictions plan that cannot be modify in some dates or some room types. The values of these plan are “fix”. These restrictions (minimum stay, maximum stay, close, etc) will apply to all rooms and all days of the year of the rate these restrictions plan is associated to.

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