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Special Offers

To promote your rooms on the internet, on direct sale through your website, a smart move would be to offer disccounted prices on your WuBook booking engine. A WuBook special offer is a discount on your original price, with restrictions on minimum stay. When a user is making a reservation on your website that matches the minimum stay requirement previously configured the reservations system offers automatically the special offer´s price. For example, the 3 nights rate will be only available for clients who reserve a minimum of 3 nights.

Crossed out price and reduce price: the use of special offers does not mean to reduce prices only, but to attract more clients thinking they are booking an occasional deal, that is only available for a certain period under particular conditions.

This is the list of requirements to set up an offer:

  • Validity Period and Weekdays: offer will only be available within these selected limits
  • Minimum Advance: Is the minimum number of days between the booking date and the check in date. If a restriction is created only clients searching within this time constraint will benefit from the offer. It is used for advance booking offers.
  • Maximum Advance: allows you to create last minute offers. Only clients searching few days prior to arrival will benefit from this offer.
  • Maximum Stay: Allows you to limit the maximum stay of clients who would like to benefit of the offer.
  • Minimum Stay: Allows you to create minimum stay offers. Only clients searching for stays of equal or greater number of nights will benefit from the offer.
  • Mandatory Rooms and Extras: The offer is only available on certain type of rooms and/or certain extras.

Offer Requirements. Only clients searching within all created requirements of the offer would be able to benefit of the offer. In the example, the reservation must be of 3 or more nights.
Is not a must to assign constraints. Is possible to create an offer without requirements to published the original price crossed out and show instead the discounted price giving like this the idea of a unique, one time only special offer.

Non Refundable offer

Is the economic option to the special offer of WuBook and can have its own cancellation policy. Users who select this offer will do it under the cancellation policy that is related to the offer instead of the policy master (default policy associated to the standard prices). To create a non rufundable offer follow these steps:

  1. Create a non refundable cancellation policy
  2. Create a new special offer in WuBook and assign the non refundable cancellation policy in the policy box
  3. Continue with the creation of the special offer following the steps above.

Publishing special WuBook offers on the property´s website

You can add a widget or booking botton directly on your website to display a list of all your special offers. The visitor would be able to easily select and book an offer and access directly into the booking engine to complete the reservation.
To integrate this widget is best if you contact your webmaster to help you with the technical details. He will be able to use WuBook technical documentation.

Special offers from online portals OTA

Special offers in WuBook are not automaticaly copied into the external channels connected to the channel manager. To create special offers on OTAs you need to do it directly on their extranet.

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