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 +**How to create a Special Offer on an OTA**
 +  ​
 +Special offers on **OTAs** are usually determined by a rate with which you are able to offer the same rooms with different prices (usually lower prices) and submitted to certain conditions (such as Min. Stay or different cancellation policies). For example, the typical offer could be "//​min-stay-3-night-rate//"​ connected to a discounted prices and offered only to those guests who are staying at least 3 consecutive nights at the hotel. ​
 +When an OTA is connected to the channel manager WooDoo, it is possible to control from a centralized system all the rates you have published in it. 
 +A WuBook price plan is called [[rate-plans-wubook|rate plan]]. So, it is possible then, during the mapping (configuraton) of each OTA in WooDoo, to associate a different rate plan to each rate you have in the portal. Moreover, it will be possible to associate a [[restriction-plans-wubook|restrictions plan]] with which send any restrictio to sell (close to sell, minimum stay through, etc.) dedicated to each rate in the OTA.  ​
 +For example, to insert a //min stay 3 night rate// offer in an OTA, you will have to follow these few steps:  ​
 +  - **first of all you must contact to your account manager at the OTA** and request a new rate. A channel manager cannot create nor insert new rates on OTAs, but only manage their details. ​
 +  - after that you must create the rate plan inside WuBook control panel (we uggest the use of a virtual rate plan if possible, to keep simple the management of prices): [[https://​​lodging/​plans/​plans/​|Rate Plans]]
 +  - eventually you should have to create a restriction plan too, assigned to this new rate. As for the example, the new rate will require a restriction of Min. Stay Through of 3 nights: //​min-stay=3//:​ [[https://​​lodging/​plans/​rplans/​|Restriction Plan]]
 +  - finally it is necessary to access the channel configuration page in WooDoo. **WooDoo** will download the new configuration of the OTA, including now the new rate to which you will be able to associate both rate and restriction plans: [[https://​​woodoo/​woodoo/​|WooDoo]]
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