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Where am I?

You are at the english version of WuBook Docs

If you landed here, reasons could be a thousand, even if probably you work on something related to the tourism environment. Probably you run an hotel, a Bed and breakfast, an apartment rental company or an hostel and you are looking for a solution for your needs. By the fact WuBook is consolidating as one of the leaders on the Tech providers for management tools in the hotelier market.

We basically offer 3 different product lines:

You can check and discover all the services we offer directly from our Website. This space is thought to help people that have already registered an account with WuBook to learn how to use correctly and more profitable our servies. So, if you still do not have an account with us, you can easily create one for free by clicking right here.

On the contrary, if you already has an account and are looking for help and support to configure the services and adapt them to your needs, then you are on the right place! If you have just registered aa new account, maybe you are interested to read our Get Started lines.

In the case you are an experienced user of WuBook and you have a precise enquiry, you can also check our Frequently Asked Questions.

How to use WuBook Docs

WuBook Docs were born to answer the need of having a guideline with all the steps to follow and configure the software. The target of these docs is not only a WuBook User but also who is just interested in getting more infos about hotel marketing, online sale or tourism management for accommodation properties such as hotels, hostels or Bed & Breakfast.

For this reason, a part from the “Get Started” section, we thought to enlarge the information by adding a Frequent Asked Questions, to offer something more than simple support and assistance. We would like to help to improve results and be able to discuss the most important topics of tourism market, focusing on accommodation propeyty management.

Inside the Docs you will find caps dedicated to Yield Marketing technics, suggestions on how to optimise online visibility, both on OTAs and on the many Fount Sites (TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, etc.). We will continue creating useful documentation for all those interested in getting closer to WuBook and online property management.

Still questioning?

If something is still not clear, or you have other questions, you can ask directly to WuBook staff very easily by opening a ticket or entering the online chat.

You can also start a new thread on our forum!

How to collaborate with WuBook

Do you know that you can cooperate with WuBook and its team? Would you like to be an agent or to start your own business in your city or country? Please get an eye on how to become a contributor and if you like the idea, get in contact with us directly by filling in this form.

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