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How to activate TripConnect service of TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor publishes on its own webpage, the profile that each each hotel run on the OTAs. Better. It publishes links to this profiles on the OTAs. The aim is to drive traffic to the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) to let the user make a reservation through them. It also allows the user of TripAdvisor to check prices and availabilitties in real time directly from TripAdvisor website. The user is “lead” to make a reservation thanks to this important Metasearcher and it is really a good service for all the users browsing the web of TripAdvisor. TripConnect is a process with which you can publish, beside OTAs profiles results, your WuBook Booking Engine availability to get traffic to your Online Reception and get direct reservations through WuBook.

In order to complete the connection process, you have to follow some steps inside the TripAdvisor extranet and inside WuBook extranet:

  • In WuBook you have to activate Fount technology just filling in the details requested in the right section. Requested infos are: Geographical Information, Property Information and Property Services. It althought necessary to activate Tripadvisor as partner inside WuBook and finally to buy coins. Coins are like credits you will use to pay WuBook services such as TripConnect.

Administration-fount Section.

  • In TripAdvisor you must have a “Premiu Profile” and continue step by step the configuration process requested by TripConnect.

About prices and costs. WuBook charges only one euro for each reservation received from TripAdvisor, meanwhile the hotel has to find an agreement directly with TripAdvisor regarding the service from their side: fee and/or CPC (cost per click).

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