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What is a channel manager? How does it work?

Nowadays properties tend to sell their rooms in both their own website and external reservation portals called OTA (online travel agency). Each one of these portals creates a public profile of the property where the selling price, restrcitions and daily availability is define. Every time a room gets booked or the price of a period is modify it will be necesary to manually eflect such amendments in all other OTAs in which the property is listed.

The Channel Manager WooDoo connects a property on WuBook to all the extranets of the OTAs where a property is already listed. Once connected the channel manager sends and receives data to and from the OTA in XML format in 2 ways:

  1. Sends updates from WuBook to the OTA so that availability, prices and restrictions (such as minimum stay) on the portal match automaticaly with those on WuBook. Saving an availability or price amendment in WuBook´s extranet results on the automatic delivery of that update to all other channels (OTAs) connected and active.
  2. Downloads and automatically imports reservations made on the OTA to WuBook. This way both direct reservations made through the booking engine of wubook on the property´s site as well as all the reservations made through the portals downloaded on XML by the channel manager will be displayed on WuBook.

Receiving a reservation in WuBook results on an automatic update to all OTAs connected, to keep the correct availability updated in all channels. Meaning that with WooDoo you could offer all your availability on every OTA and your own website. The channel manager manages automatically the availability in all reservation portals, minimizing the work load needed for the correct management and optimization of the rooms´ offer.

The channel manager cannot modify the selling structure of the OTAs. It cannot add or delete room typologies nor rates. These actions should be carried on directly with the account manager of each OTA. After having change any configuration on the portal it is necessary to reconfigure the channel in WooDoo. The channel manager does not manage either the cancellation policy available on the portal, which needs to be as well created and modify directly on the portals´extranet.

With WuBook is possible to connect different channels and even different accounts (hotel ID) of the same channel to a single WuBook property. If I have different hotel ID´s in, for example one is for a hostel and one for apartments, I would be able to cnnect both hotel ID´s to a single ID in WuBook where I manage both properties together. Both Hotel ID´s of will be connected and updated by the channel manager.

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