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Virtual Rooms

With WuBook is possible to offer the same availability in different terms and prices. One virtual bedroom is a virtual tipology connected to a regular bedroom tipology (“main” bedroom) with whom it shares availability. It would be possible to give unique price and restrictions to such virtual room but not unique availability (this is given by the main bedroom). If a reservation is received either through the main room or the virtual room, the availability will be deducted off the total.

Double room Single Use

If, for example, we have availability of 3 on the Double room and we would like to offer this same availability on a Double for Single Use rate with a discounted price, we could use for this the Virtual room. We can create a tipology called Single Use as a virtual room linked to the main Double so that the 3 doubles available can also be sell as single use rooms in the booking engine. Excluding the availability value, on the virtual room is possible to define each and all the parameters and restrictions as if in a main room. So that you can open and close sales of this at any time, you can modify daily prices or set up minimum stay restrictions, etc..

+ 1 Child

Another example can be that of selling a room with an ”extra bed” or ”extra child”. In the virtual rooms is possible to detailed the occupancy value, subject on the number of beds available for adults and children. For example, on a virtual room with occupany of 3 - is possible to mentioned that the bed set up is of 2 beds for adults and 1 bed for a child so that the you can offer as Double Room, Double + 1 child or Double + 2 children… etc.

Hereafter we show you how a room can be sell with different offers

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