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Awaiting Confirmation Reservations (or Deferred Reservations)

Reservations on waiting for confirmation status are not guaranteed with a credit card. These are considered as request of reservation. The availability is considered regardless in case the property would like to accept it and be sure the availability is up to date.

It is possible to do the following actions:

Manually confirm the reservation

The reservation will be confirmed and guest will receive a notification via email.
Be Aware! the reservation is confirmed but without a credit card as guarantee.

Manually Reject the reservation

The guest will receive a notification via email in which is stated that the reservation has been rejected. The availability will automatically increase again.

On the WuBook reservation details you find the drop down menu to select the action: accept or reject. Both actions will result on an automatic email been sent to the guest notifying the decision.

Ask a credit card so that is the client who confirms the reservation

On the WuBook direct reservation details is a link to a website where the client can insert the credit card details as a guarantee for the reservation. By inserting these details the reservation gets confirmed immediately. If the property needs to ask for a credit card guarantee for these reservations, this same link can be copy and paste on an email to the client whom would be able to confirm the reservation this way.

Ask for an alternative guarantee before confirming the reservation

If the client does not want to leave a credit card as a guarantee, is possible to ask for an alternative guarantee. You can therefor send an email with all your bank details asking for a bank transfer as a deposit of the reservation. Once the property confirms receipt of payment you can confirm the reservation manually.

Confirm or Reject reservations automatically

WuBook allows you to configure an automatic confirmation or rejection. If within a few hours the reservation is still on waiting for confirmation status, it will be accepted or rejected automatically. Facility - Reservation Settings section.

Be Careful: In case the property has contracted the reservation fees commercial profile, the reservations on waiting for confirmation status will be accounted for by WuBook and therefore commisionable.

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