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How to buy services?

To pay for any of WuBook services you need first to create an order. The order can be created on Manage - WuBook to renew the booking engine services and on Manage - WooDoo to renew the channel manager services. An order does not always imply a payment obligation. Once you make the order of the service, you will then freely decide whether to make the payment or not. Or even to make another order. In the order information you will see the following information: service purchased, the cost of the service (before or after tax), our bank account information (for those who prefer this payment option) and an identification code of the order. It is possible to exit without purchasing or to finish the transaction by making payment with one of the following payment options:

  1. Credit Card
  2. PayPal
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. Using Coins

By using coins is possible to activate the automatic renew of the services that are about to expire. Your coins balance will decrease when the payment is taken. By using PayPal or Credit Card the invoicing and activation of the services are immediate. When paying by bank transfer it is necesary you send WuBook the reference number of the transaction and the order code. Otherwise WuBook will not recognize that the payment has been made delaying the renewal of services. A bank transfer payment must always be notify to WuBook.

Aceptance of Contracts

The order is not finalized yet. On this page you can double check the cost of the chosen service and eventually get a pro forma invoice. Careful! you must accept the contracts before going to the next step and continue with the order.

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