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Full Version: Suggestion about reservations from online reseption
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Dear partners,

Hoteliers wants to have ability change dates of reservations that comes from their site (from online reception)
That is great opportunity, unfortunately, at the moment, WU do not allow to change any reservation. Even reservation from OTA, in case of change, are cancelled and comes in as a new reservation.



This is a VERY wrong behaviour in my opinion. This is not an action for the booking engine but a PMS (property Management System) feature. MOreover, related to OTA, we are talking about %fee the hotelier has to pay..so that the most important is to change on the OTA the size of reservation..

As for that, I strongly believe we should not modify this behaviour.

You can always start to use our PMS Zak. With it you can modify and resive those dates.

Warm regards
Dear partners,

We are talking about only the reservation from online reception that comes from hotelier own site. Yes, we agree that this have to do PMS, but lot of hoteliers work without connection with PMS or some of them even without PMS.

What should they do in this case?
And we absolutely agree about OTA's modifications and cancelations. OTA's reservation have to be changed only by guests or by hotel in the extranet.



That is the reason why we offer a PMS.. to allow this kind of actions. Otherwise, if your customers want to use the Channel manager only, they can delete and insert a new reservation.