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Full Version: Massive creation of Promo codes
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Dear partners,

We have one idea about creation Discounts (Settings>Extra>Discounts)
Some hotels are using this block for individual (personal) discounts.
For example, after check-out they are sending auto-emails with code of discount for second visit (that could be used one time). In this case they need to do thousands discounts and codes - it is too uncomfortable.
The suggestion is to add function that will allow to create discount with interval of codes. There will be just one condition but a lot of codes.

What do you think about this proposal?




What do you mean with Discount code interval? A long list of codes?
Maybe you are suggesting to insert in the automatic email the full list of codes created by the hotelier in order to allow the customer to insert the correct one?

Not sure it is the best in case of long lists of Discount codes :) but can work. We are already thinking in a kind of solution like this.

Let us know please.


I mean ability to create long list of codes with the same discount.
So, for example, I want to create thousand of unique codes with interval from 1001 till 100000
Then, by any service for auto-mailing, send to all my client emails with unique codes that can be used one time.
When guests check-out I will send email messages: We give you 50% for a second visit! Come back! Use code 1001 to book with 50% at our site www.hotel.ru

About Functions:
At the interface Settings>Extra>Discounts>New Discount will be the Flag: Use of interval codes
When we mark it - appearing two fields FROM: and TO:
Everything else is unchanged.