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Full Version: ZaK November release
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Dear WuBookers,

finally we are ready to come out with a new release, scheduled
for the evening of Tuesday, November 2nd.
This release is aimed at improving fundamental sections already
present in ZaK such as the City Tax, the PII module, the Google
and Trivago Metasearch and the Online Reception Widget. We have
completely revised the booking details and added a new feature
that we think will be of great use to you, an advanced "planner"
(zView) capable of integrating many useful operations for your
daily operations.
Let's find out together!


It is an additional NEW "planner" in addition to the traditional
one already present, which integrates the following functions:

- reservations enriched with lots of information not found on the
traditional planner: icons of origin * Ota, Online Reception,
direct *, missing PII information, room price and bed configuration
such as adding a cot or sofa bed;

- cleanings management (broom paper), to plan and view daily
cleaning on each room. You can also send a link via sms, email or
whatsapp to guarantee exclusive access from Mobile (to view the
assigned tasks, mark the cleaning as completed and to report any
faults, anomalies or objects found you will have a NEW dedicated
"lost and found" section where to view all this data)

- cleanings report (cleaning sheet/broom paper report), meals
report, extras report and movements report: all included here for
a complete overview of cleanings to be carried out, meals, guests
arriving, leaving and all extras sold. All according to the period
you specify!


All to discover! We have completely revised the booking detail page
both from a graphic and functional point of view, to allow you to
reach what you need in the best way and in the shortest possible
time. We have finally made visible the name of the rate booked and
the price per night which will also be modifiable. We have also
extended the button to select the display of prices with or without
VAT on this page. In the booking interface there will be a new
section dedicated to calculating the city tax: to avoid hasty
calculations and to allow you to correctly register all guests,
the system will not act automatically but you will decide when
the time is right!


We have added the new “add extra” icon to the fast link menu,
which will allow you to quickly attribute any extra you want
to the reservations of the guests present in the structure,
without the need to act in every single reservation.


We are working on the publication of the last test phase, which
anyone who requests it can participate in. These connections are
not yet paid, but will soon be visible in your control panel.
We will update the post as soon as we are ready!


A brand new Pii interface with:

- graphic restyle
- more explanatory error messages
- tips on how to fix errors
- possibility to verify the connection between Zak and the Portals
- possibility of sending multiple reports at the same time
- possibility of canceling reports already sent
- smart alert: to notify you of guests not yet sent (useful to
re-enter the 24h deadline of the Accommodation report)
- for Italy: new ISTAT automatic sendings for Marche region and
Province of Trento (Florence municipality coming soon)


We have finally implemented what many of you have requested from us
several times: the "best price" proposed by widget will now be calculated
based on the selected occupancy (and not just for single use).

Behind all these features there is the great work of our programmers but
also your involvement in always suggesting what to implement and improve:
we hope that these synergies can lead to an increasingly complete,
performing and easy to use product!

As always let us know what you think and for any need, feel free to
contact our Support :-)

_WuBook Team_