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Full Version: ZaK: zView, reservation detail, Pii, iCal, beKindOrLeave
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as anticipated a few days ago we worked to improve and in several cases
fix the latest news of the November release.

Before I start describing things, I'd like to a new discipline of the
interventions of the forum. From now on, a very simple rule applies:

    Be Kind or Leave

Anyone who does not follow this rule will be put in "delay" first (his
posts will appear with 24h delay) or even suspended from the forum.
As described here in our italian forum:

We are working to apply the 24h delay to those who have produced rude
interventions that we do not appreciate. Not because they are critical,
but because they are impolite and useless. At least for the idea we have
of our forum and our management responsibility.
We will soon publish a "manifesto" for the use of the forum, in order to
clarify the rules for participation.

Having said that, here is a brief list of interventions. They will be
published in the next few hours.

* zView: other improvements *

  . It is now possible to edit prices directly from the zView [!!!]  :)
  . Dark mode for the background!

  . The "Workers Report" (the pages accessible in a smart way by the
    cleaning staff) are been improved: information on arrivals and
    departures are now provided.

  . We have corrected a multitude of behaviors, in particular relating
    to the calculations of cleaning policies. For those who haven't
    noticed, you can set up Zak in such a way that he can predict and
    automatically suggest cleaning and management tasks (I remember that
    the suggested tasks must then be confirmed).

  . The legend is improved and You'll find links to the complete
    documentation of the zView.

  . Without complex and difficult configurations, Zak is able to remember
    who is the last person assigned to the cleaning of a room and suggest
    it again for next tasks of the same room. This essentially automates
    the assignment of personnel to the related rooms, removing complexity
    and additional clicks. At the same time, allowing you to customize
    things where needed.

* Reservation Detail *

  . The manual management of the City Tax is allowed, but only in manual
    way, also to Zak Bascic users. That is, without necessarily enabling
    the Essentials Package. We must point out that, for those who enable
    Essentials package, the city tax is immediately and automatically
    calculated every time you register a reservation. This also allows
    to have the information well reported in reservation voucher for your
    customers. Only with the Essentials package You'll also have available
    the City Tax Report.

  . The credit card is directly shown on the reservatioj detail page and
    there is no need to open windows with other clicks. If you insert the
    password to show the detail, exactly as before, Zak will remember it
    and you won't have to type it again. If anyone wanted some sort of
    "logout" (like "forget that I put the pwd), just ask.

  . Insert Extras: now the extras are selectable again as before: instead
    of automatic completion, it is possible to choose whether to insert a
    custom extra or a default one. In the second case, it is possible to
    filter them by Tag.

  . Agencies and Corporate: we have implemented a very smart system.
    For those who have a limited number of elements, we use a select.
    For those who have many, we use an auto-complete technology.

  . Print button. Those, who claim that the page was previously printable,
    maybe have missed the fact that we cannot develop a complex web page
    that is at the same time usable and printable.
    We understand that many need to print. For them we have prepared a
    button to print the reservation. Currently, also taking consideration
    of received feedbacks, we have chosen to print the voucher, that is
    complete with all info and in language. If you are missing something,
    let us know.
    In particular, we are considering whether to provide an option to
    insert the card details on the printout. Here too, feedbacks are

  . Has been rightly re-introduced the possibility of editing the colors
    of the reservation and its rooms. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  . We have also re-implemented the ability to manage refunds on the
    invoicing page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  . The "invoiced" amount has also been introduced, that is for how much
    money documents are already been issued. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  . Some ergonomics have been re-introduced: for example Zak will remember
    and propose again automatically the tax profile previously used,
    simplifying the process of billing.

  . For reservations cancelled, offers or options, we have developed an
    engine for checking the availability. Before reconfirming these
    reservations, Zak will take care of check the availability of the
    rooms and if necessary (that is if in the meantime the room had been
    assigned to another reservation) it will be possible, a lot
    comfortably, to choose others rooms.

  . It's possible again to report the invalidity of the credit card to

  . Similarly, by configuring the reservation as NoShow, if it's
    originated from Booking.com, the system will offer the possibility
    to report the NoShow to Booking.com, automatically.

  . We have a double link regarding the planner. From the reservation
    detail page you can easly switch to the classic Planner or the new
  . Someone has already noticed this on the forum. I would like to
    emphasize that (was one of the goals we had) the performance of the
    reservation page has improved. Dramatically.

* Pii: Italian Police Report *

  It has been rightly pointed out that the sending of Pii reports
  for italian Police ("Alloggiati") sometime must be delayed.
  Even if the guest data are complete, NoShows happen. In this case,
  Zak has to be delayed.

  Here's how we solved it: Zak will automatically submit reports for
  those clients which are marked as Arrived. The others will be sent
  around 22:00. Unless the reservation has been marked as Canceled or

  Obviously we are talking about the automatic sending (option that
  I recommend to everyone to enable, remembering that the new version
  of the PII also downloads receipt of report sent) for 1 night stay,
  for which Police require immediate dispatch.

* iCal *

  We have the iCal protocol on Zak. Any type of room and any physical
  room can have his iCal file: online and ondemand. You can use it to
  connect those OTAs who know how to use them. Or connect it to any
  suite that can take advantage of it.

  You also have "remarkable calendars", that is one calendar that is
  always closed and one that is always open.
  We were thinking of making others: for example a calendar open only
  in weekend or summer. Things like that.
  In case, feedbacks are welcome!

  iCal was developed as a channel. It has its monthly cost like Booking,
  Expedia and others channels.

* Google and Trivago *

  We are going to activate all the requests you have made to us and for which you
  thank you again.