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Full Version: Zak Spring Release 1.1
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Dear Zakers,

as you requested, we have added new and curious features to the
spring release (see Yield Manager and Kylix).

Zym- Property Availability
Availability at Property level will also be taken into consideration.
The rule you will set will also take into account the availability
of the whole Property, that is the sum of all your physical rooms.

Kylix- Link for waiters
There will be a new card dedicated to waiters: now you can send
a dedicated link to each waiter (via text message, email, Whatsapp)
to access the restaurant module.
We remember that the system will act intelligently: if you delete a
waiter, the latter will no longer be able to access his link!

Kylix- Webapp
Within the customized link (generic or specific for waiter), a
notification will appear that will allow you to download the
APP into your smartphone. You will find all tips for downloading
directly in the link.

Thanks as always for your support, your feedback will be precious!


_WuBook Staff_