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Dear WuBookers,

as some of you requested, we removed some limits on Zym. Before explaining, I’d like to thank all those who enabled it: in just a few weeks Zym received hundreds of activations and we are glad that it is such a useful tool for you.

What limits are we talking about?

Assume that Zym does his job well: after you have sold several rooms, it increases prices as planned. What happens now if sales stop? If some rooms are still unsold?

How to lower prices to fill them?

If this only happens for a few dates, the rules should be disabled. Or you should create other rules excluding those dates. Things would be complicated.

How did we fix the problem? In a very simple way. Now Tabla and Sytar will allow you to specify manual prices on those problematic dates, excluding Zym's automatic management.

Here is a screenshot of Tabla:


This new Tabla screen immediately allows you to view:

1. The original rate price
2. The price edited by Zym
3. And the possible correction made by you

We hope that this perspective will be appreciated by pricing professionals, since it allows you to keep an eye on the whole situation.

Finally, remember that changes to overwrite the Zym Price can be done also from Sytar.

These new Zym features will be published on Wednesday 22/06, during the next release. In addition, there are many others: we will describe them soon, as usual on the forum.

Thanks for your support, as usual :-)

_WuBook Staff_