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Full Version: WOODOO: New feature to manage Users and Groups
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Dear WuBookers,

the functionality for managing the "Users and Groups" on WooDoo is now online!
This update replaces the old system that appears (still for a limited period) under
the name "Security Layer".
If you have «Users and Groups» active on ZaK or on your WuBook Account, you
already know what it is and you can start sharing the users already created.
Through «Users and Groups» you can manage different operational roles within
your staff, associating users only with structures and permissions of their
competence, allowing (or limiting) the display of particular sections within WooDoo.

As a first step to enable "Users and Groups" an Admin user must be created or an
existing admin must be imported.
Once active, the user indication will appear at the top right.
The Guest user corresponds to the basic user, the one who has no particular
permission. Upon pressing the name, the login will appear where your staff
member can indicate their credentials.

For each user, it is possible to limit access only to certain sections for certain


Only an admin-type user can configure the "Users and Groups" section, and
whoever is admin has unlimited access to all sections and structures.

Below is the link to the relevant documentation, with all the information on
how the tool works and how to configure it:


Let us know how you are with this new tool and if you have any suggestions.

Thanks for your attention!
Great Information.