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Registering new rooms - OT006 - 09-10-2014 03:08 AM

Hi there,
I have just started using wubook, I am having problems how to make one room available as a single double or triple

RE: Registering new rooms - white - 10-15-2014 02:10 AM


first of all Welcome to WuBook.
Well, in my opinion (I do not know precisely your rooms configuration) you can solve the issue by using vrtual rooms. So, basically in Facility/rooms you can create 2 types of room:
- real room types
- virtual room types

The virtual rooms are just different way to sell the same unit. So hoteliers usually use them to differenciate occupancy. Let's make an example:
you have a room type which is a double (it has a double bed or 2 twin beds). Not always you can sell it to 2 persons.

If you want to sell it for one only traveller, you need to create a virtual room and define different prices and conditions. The common value between the real room and the virtual room will be the availability value.

In this sense, if a reservation is coming for a virtual room, it decreases the value of aailability for the real rooms. To avoid overbookings.

I also suggest you to read online Get Started Docs and make us questions.

Once again, welcome to WuBook.
Big Grin