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Wired questions - PI005 - 12-31-2014 08:58 PM

hi! I use Wired for new booking according to description new_reservation(token, lcode, dfrom, dto, room, customer, amount [, origin, ccard, ancillary])
I fill fields as on example. All good, but in New reservation on wubook all reservation show:
Adults,Children: 2, 0
I can't find how to send this value. Could you provide explanation

RE: Wired questions - PI005 - 01-27-2015 06:13 PM

How I can set currency for bookings came from wired interface?

RE: Wired questions - white - 01-27-2015 06:46 PM

Hi there!

So, regarding the change of currency, you have to go to Avatar of the account and choose the money currency you prefer!

Please, check this link:

Regarding the first issue, I suggest to contact directly our tech department.


RE: Wired questions - PI005 - 01-27-2015 11:42 PM