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Zac calendar view - CD031 - 08-03-2015

A small ergonomic remark:
My large computer screen accommodates the 21-day view; if I switch to 30-day view, I need to scroll to see the whole period, because your software is built like this. Then, if I want to sweep my whole calendar for a year I can choose between 7 days or 30 days: it would be great if:
EITHER the 30-day view of the calendar comes without need to horizontally scroll
the 30 days +/- button is replaced by a 21 days +/- button.

Not much but would make more sense.



RE: Zac calendar view - snow - 08-03-2015

Hello CD031,

the next time we will make changes on the planning we will surely consider this suggestion.

Thank you very much for your concern,

Good day and good work!