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New OTA connected to WooDoo - white - 08-07-2015

Dears WuBookers,

we are glad to announce a new entry in the group of WooDoo channels.
It is Ozon Travel, the leading OTA in Eastern Europe & the largest agent selling airtickets, hotels and train tickets in Russia & C.I.S.

Even if its major source market is Russia and Russian Speaking users abroad, provided destinations are worldwide: Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Finland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Thailand are quite typical destinations for Russian Market, while the rest of the world counts about 30% of bookings.

The connection with WooDoo is relesed with an introductory offer of 6 free months.
You can activate it here

To register your property on Ozon Travel portal, fill the form on this link or write to hotels AT ozon DOT travel