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Calendar widgets - CD031 - 09-20-2015 07:17 PM

Hello! there is a big thing missing in your offer and these are calendar widgets.
Homeaway and Flipkey used to offer them, but they stopped doing this. Virtually all your competitors who specialize in vacation rentals offer this also as a part of their global package.
It would be great if you could offer this also.
As an example you can see the ones that I use on my website;
a large one: http://elegantvienna.com/adagio-availability-prices.html
and a small one: http://elegantvienna.com/apartment-availability-overview.html
Ideally the user would be able to customize the number of months in rows and columns they want to display as well as the colors to match their website. But the default colors on the widget in my website are a good start (they were used also by Flipkey)

This is extremely useful because for high-end objects like mine many travelers are willing to adapt their travel dates just to stay with us, and these are often the best bookings we get. With the widget, the traveler can see when we are free and inquire accordingly.

Please do this, I am certain it is going to be a hit among your customers!


RE: Calendar widgets - white - 09-21-2015 08:16 PM

Hello there!

Thanks for your mesage.
I have to say that we already have someting like that on our Booking engine, you can find it under "flexible dates" and the user (the potential guest) is able to check availability and prices in it, for dates around the needed arrivals and departures.

This being said, we already are working in a better presentation of what you ask. I strongly believe that this improvements are coming pretty soon, but please, keep the forum and the blog monitored in order to see if changes and improvements are according to your needs.

I believe that this kind of feature has to to go on the booking engine itself. Inside it, not out (on the website) like you show. Will you agree?

RE: Calendar widgets - CD031 - 09-21-2015 08:23 PM

Hi White

and thank you for your reply.
I believe that both are useful: a simple calendar that the guest can check without having to engage in any form in a "book it now" kind of implementation (booking engine) is very useful because it gives information to guests who are afraid of wasting their time.
However what you are preparing is also a good thing, but they are not mutually exclusive; for instance at the moment I have a use for the widget and am not using the booking engine. Later when I use the booking engine maybe I'll get rid of the calendars, and maybe not. I like to have the choice and flexibility.



RE: Calendar widgets - white - 09-21-2015 08:32 PM


the idea is really common with our idea!!
I mean, why to show rooms and chances if there is no availability? This is just frustrating the guest! So, according to this term, I must ask you:

why to show calendar and availability (maybe with general price infos too) but not to put a "Book Now form"?

The final aim is to get reservations, so, put it as simple as possible. If I can get a reservation cause there is a real availability, why not to let them book very easily from that calendar?

RE: Calendar widgets - CD031 - 09-21-2015 08:41 PM

I would have to see your implementation to reply more precisely to your question. Take into account that some of my customers book for 2 or 3 month-stays or more and that they will adapt their dates according to our availability. Will your implementation allow to easily navigate availability over a year for the guest?
But anyway, since I don't use the booking engine, I would still need the calendar widgets...
At the moment I cannot use your booking engine because I can't get it to work for my specific needs as an apartment owner (=not a hotel).
It is a pain that one has to do twice the same thing: once in tabla for booking.com etc and then once more with special offers with the booking engine. For me it's also a problem because I want to be able to charge more, not less because my price unti is the week, not the night. But this is another story...
And I am working on it....

RE: Calendar widgets - white - 09-21-2015 09:35 PM

Hello again Smile

Well, I think (as you said) that you needs are a bit particualr, but totally understandable. Obviously, as you said, you must need to find the correct personalization of your tool. In this sense, I suggest 2 options:

- we have an iCal plugin which is able to extract our Tabla datas in iCal format. You can extract them and publish it on your website
- we have an API!! A strong and reliable one. Why not to think on a "call" to our servers and extract datas on demand (or periodically) and present it on your website the best integrated way as possible?

You have our tech docs in here:

I keep at disposal and please, continue contributing to our development with suggestions and request to improve. We really appreciate! Cool


RE: Calendar widgets - CD031 - 09-21-2015 10:27 PM


although I created my website by myself, I do have a limited knowledge of these things and the 2 solutions you propose are out of my technical competence.


RE: Calendar widgets - white - 09-22-2015 03:17 AM

well, in this case let us develop our idea (few weeks I think it will be done).
After that you can see the way it shows up and maybe you can decide to invest in our booking engine solution as well Smile

Regards and thanks