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Push Notification not firing properly. - RS085 - 02-11-2016 01:31 AM


We are using push notifications to get informed about new reservations. This URL is often called by the channel manager even if there are no new reservations (not a real problem).

For the last 20 hours we got several reservations, but not a single push notification by the channel manager. We did set up the push notification again and it seems to work again. We just got a notification (without a reservation).

Could you tell me what could be the reason for this? Thank you!


RE: Push Notification not firing properly. - white - 02-11-2016 02:08 AM

Hi Robert.

Thanks for your message.
Well, this seems to me more a request of support than a a forum thread Confused
so I ask you please to send the request (with all your private datas) to our development team:

devel AT wubook DOT net

where AT is "@" and DOT is "."

I keep at disposa.