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Widget and Iframe integration - AD039 - 03-11-2014 03:43 AM

We are using the widget and the iframe in our website. The widget is in the homepage and the iframe in the "Reservations" page. Our goal is to link the widget submit button with our own reservation page and open it in the same window. Is there an easy way for doing this modification?
Our site is using wordpress but we are usign the standard html widget and iframe codes (instead the plugin) because the plugins language autodetencion isn't working ok in our site..


RE: Widget and Iframe integration - white - 03-14-2014 01:31 AM


Well, about the possibility of an iFrame you can create the script directly from your extranet:
When you access the tech documentation, you'll be redirected to a url in which you can generate the right script.

Also please, consider to customize deeply your booking engine looking this documentation:

Is this helpful?

RE: Widget and Iframe integration - AD039 - 03-14-2014 06:23 AM

Yes we have been using your widgets and iframes in our two websites and we know how to embed both of them. What we need to do (and can't find a easy way) is to change the link of the widgets submit button. Now it opens your reservation form on a new window and what we want to do is open our own page (one with the iframe on it) in the same window (not in a popup).

We can edit javascript if you tell us where to find that part of the code with the wubook.open function. The wubook javascript librarie is minimized and doesn't have comments helping us to understand it.


RE: Widget and Iframe integration - amber - 03-14-2014 06:15 PM

i'm working for adding a new parameters on the wubook object for opening in the same window an url, should be ready in a few of hours.
Best Regards

RE: Widget and Iframe integration - AD039 - 03-15-2014 01:09 AM

That sounds very good!! Our objective is to use the widget to open our own iframed window. This could improve the integration of your engine in our websites and I supose that other users are going to use this option too..

Thank you for your efforts!!

King regards.

RE: Widget and Iframe integration - amber - 03-18-2014 01:26 AM


the Wubook object has a method open, it accept the segs param, and the samewindow param that specifie if open the window in the same frame or not. An example of use is:
var segs = '/wbkd/wbk/';
var params = {
samewindow: 1,
WuBook.open(params, segs);

in this case the online reception will be open in the same window and not in a pop up.
I hope is usefull for you.